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We live in a HD world. Our Tv's are HD our tablets and computers.. Its easy to forget that VHS and other home video formats never compared with the HD quality we are all used to now. Although those of us who remember buying our first home video recorder will remember being impressed by its quality. Whilst it is true that the quality of a conversion to MP4 ultimately does depend on the quality of the original, some upscaling is both possible and well worth while. Experience has shown us that upscaling to 720 offers the best balance of quality and file size. We use the Teranex processor from Black magic Design. This is a world class hardware unit widely used in the broadcast industry. If you've ever watched a favourite old TV show rerun on a HD TV channel it has likely been upscaled on the same equipment. Companies who only capture at the tapes native (original) resolution, only do so to save on costs and storage space, due to the reduced file size. Producing files half the size of those that we produce. We should also realise that because of the HD world we live in your files will likely be upscaled in one way or another when you view them on your HD TV. Our equipment with its broadcast quality hardware upscaling ensures the best possible upscaling results. Far better then your tablet or TV will achieve.