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Our upgrade to transfer as MP4 service is a high quality proffesional standard service. We upscale all submitted videos to 720p and transfer at a bit rate of 4mb. Unlike our competitors this is a one tier upgrade service and we do not charge extra for the professional upscaling. It is a standard part of our MP4 service and not an additional option. Your transfer will be carried out on one of our Black Magic Design teranex processors. This produces high quality files which are idea for editting and viewing. We return 1 file per tape with all the files on a single USB device of an appropriate size. We only use top quality USB 2.0 and 3.0 memory sticks. For added security your captured files are stored on our Enterpise level network storage for at least 120 days. We strongly suggest you take additional backups of your files. We also offer an option of having a DVD made from each tape at an additional cost. MP4 files are highly compatible. But due to the number of devices and software players and editors on the market we can not 100% guarentee compatability. We will do everythinmg we can to help should you encounter any problems. Our MP4 services includes the upscaling, the security of knowing we hold a backup for a period of time plus either the USB device or (limited)Cloud Storage. Making the small additional charge excellent value.