Hints & Tips

VHS to MP4

Save on physical space and avoid the hassle of needing a suitable video player to watch your old home movies. Transfer your VHS to MP4 and have the convenience of instantly accessing any part of your home movie, no need to rewind or fast forward to find a particular part. MP4 is suitable for playback on many different devices, making it an incredibly versatile format to have your videos converted to.

VHS to Digital

Improve the quality and the accessibility of your old videos by transferring your VHS to Digital formats. Video tapes deteriorate over time, so protect the quality of your family memories by transferring them onto an accessible digital format. Digital formats allow for playback on many compatible devices.

Mini DV to DVD

AT Video 2 DVD Transfers, we don’t just specialise in VHS transfers, we can transfer your Mini DV to DVD. Transferring your old footage onto more conventional video formats allows you to watch your footage at your convenience.

Hi8 and Video8 to DVD

The most popular of camcorder formats, Hi8 to DVD transfer has become extremely popular. A lot of treasured memories are stored on these obsolete Hi8 tapes; have them transferred onto DVD so you can bring those memories back to life.

Digital8 to DVD

Digital8 is an early digital format from Sony. Digital8 is encoded digitally; as a result, the Digital8 to DVD transfers are produced with excellent quality. View your beloved memories in high-quality with a DVD conversion.

Micro MV to DVD

The smallest of video formats from Sony, Micro MV was quickly superseded due to its limitations; Micro MV camcorders are no longer available. So, if your old camcorder breaks, it’s unlikely that you can view your old tapes. Protect that footage with a Micro MV to DVD transfer.


Video tapes are bulky, they take up unnecessary space and the tape deteriorates over time or becomes damaged by excessive use. Once damaged, this footage cannot be salvaged. Protect those unforgettable family moments with a VHS to DVD transfer. DVDs are much more durable, and they can be watched to your heart’s content, skipped and paused without any worry of damaging the footage.

Compact VHS to DVD

One of the earliest camcorder formats, VHS-C use the same size tape as VHS and with the use of an adaptor they could be played in your full-size VHS player. This obsolete technology is inconvenient to use due to the lack of VHS player availability. Update your footage with Compact VHS to DVD conversion.

Super VHS to DVD

Super VHS brought an improvement in quality to VHS, and whilst it was often seen as the choice of the professional, it was also widely used by enthusiastic amateurs. Nowadays, it has gone the same way as all VHS formats, into obscurity. Secure your footage with a Super VHS to DVD transfer.

Betamax to DVD

Once the pinnacle of video quality, Betamax lost out in a format war and VHS soon over took Betamax in the quality stakes. Whilst Betamax can yield poor image quality, we strive to obtain the best quality possible with our specialised Betamax to DVD transfers.

Damaged Tapes

Snapped tape? Damaged cassette housing? We endeavour to make repairs to most formats. At Video 2 DVD, our options include re-housing your tapes and/or splicing damaged sections to save as much of your precious video footage as possible.

Overseas Conversions

Our discs are produced in the PAL system and are region zero, meaning that they should be playable worldwide and not limited to regions. We can work with overseas tapes, so send your tapes to us and share your worldwide family memories.