MP4 Technical Advice.

Our MP4 transfers offer our most technically advanced transfers and out most secure delivery of your memories.

Whether you opt to have your MP4 files on a USB device or delivered via a Download link.

We transfer at a bit rate of 4mb which produces Broadcast quality files of about 2Gb in size per hour. Plus in the majority of cases we professionally upscale to 720p.

(HD Mini DV at 1080 if it was shot at 1080)

Copies of your files are kept on our secure onsite storage for at least 120 days. So should anything unthinkable happen during that time we can reissue your files.  Making this our most secure service.

(please see below for our advice on backing up your files)

Why choose a transfer to MP4?

Transfers to MP4 are the best option if you are comfortable with technology.

MP4 files are digital files and offer flexibility and functionality just like any other digital file format you might use in everyday life.

They can easily be copied, shared, backed up and edited.

Mp4 files can be played back on a whole host of devices. Your Smart TV, Tablet, computer or laptop

Backing up your files.

As with any  computer files it is important that you take and keep backups of your treasured memories on MP4.

If you opted for your MP4 files on USB or via a Download you backups are vitally important.

You can take onsite backups by copying the files to another USB device or internal Hard drive on your PC.  We would suggest taking at least two additional backups. Perhaps ask another family member to keep a copy in their home too.

  Your Internet Service Provider might offer some cloud storage as part of your internet package.  Other Cloud storage services are provided by Google, Microsoft and many more.

Using our Download Service.

We have partnered with Citrix Sharefile in order to offer a smooth and secure download option to our customers.

Links to download your files are emailed to you, usually within one working day of payment.

Clicking on the link will take you to a simple and clear screen, from where you can preview your files and download them

( Customers must take their own Backups and should consider additional cloud storage)