Where to Sell VHS Tapes

If you’ve got some old VHS tapes lying around of films and TV shows that you now enjoy on DVD or from streaming services, you might be wondering what you can do with the tapes. VHS tapes are notoriously difficult to recycle, due to their plastic content and the chemicals used on the tape itself. So you might be hoping that you can sell those VHS tapes and make a bit of money.

VHS Video Cassette Tapes
But are there any places left to sell VHS tapes? You might be surprised. Here are some places you can try flogging those old VHS tapes:


eBay is the king when it comes to selling unwanted items that you don’t think have a re-sale value. It’s a popular online portal for vintage-lovers looking for obsolete technology they can’t get their hands on in the high street.

Peruse their online listings for VHS tapes to get an idea of how people are pricing them. Depending on which VHS tapes you have and their condition, you might be surprised at how much you could make if you have a rare gem. VHS tapes occasionally sell for hundreds or even thousands if you have the right film. A 1999 VHS copy of Mulan recently sold on eBay for almost £12,000! And similar prices can be found in the listings for many Disney classics.

So if you’ve got some classic films in their original VHS form, you could stand to make a decent amount from them.



If your tapes aren’t going to be worth that much from nostalgia alone, Amazon could work for you instead. The retail giant allows the sale of pretty much anything provided it’s legal, and, like eBay, the VHS tape market is booming over there right now.

You probably won’t find much in the realm of the prices you could get on eBay, but if you’ve got some not so in-demand films that you’d still like to sell, Amazon could be the perfect place.


Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales, flea markets…wherever you are in the country, you’ll never be too far away from one of these. Setting up a stall at market is a great way to meet lots of people, some of whom may be VHS tape enthusiasts who are desperate to take your old collection off your hands. You may not make much money, but it’s better to pass on those tapes to someone who might enjoy using them than to just throw them away.

Flea market

VHS Facebook Groups

If you’d rather not take your chances just hoping a fan of VHS wanders past your stall, you could take your VHS tapes directly to the enthusiasts.

There’s a Facebook group for everything these days, and that includes VHS tapes. These fans of nostalgia are keeping the medium alive all by themselves, and they use websites like Facebook to facilitate selling and buying of VHS tapes to add to their collections. Search online for one of these groups and see if they’ll allow you to list your offer on there, you might get some enthusiastic buyers willing to pay a reasonable amount for your old tapes.


What Makes a Valuable VHS?

Aside from most Disney classics, what makes a VHS valuable in the eyes of collectors is their rarity and their inability to obtain the footage elsewhere. Before you get online and try to figure out how to price your tapes, here are some things to consider when looking through your collection:

  • Mainstream labels won’t be worth as much. Cinema Club and 4Front were mass-produced, so their tapes won’t really be worth anything.
  • Films that never got a DVD or Blu-ray release will be worth more, as the footage is likely harder to come by.
  • Ex-rental VHS tapes are also popular due to the nostalgia of collectors for rental shops like Blockbuster.
  • Films that had limited releases, or “video nasties” will fetch a higher price due to rarity.

If any tapes in your collection fall into these categories, you might be able to make a sum of money from selling them online or directly to VHS collectors. Alternatively, if you’ve only got mainstream titles, you can take them to a car boot sale and try to flog the whole lot for a couple of quid. It’s still better than throwing them away where they can pollute the earth in a landfill.

If your collection of tapes contains footage that you filmed yourself, your own home films from years gone by, don’t forget to do a video transfer and put that footage onto a DVD or MP4 format so it can be preserved for future generations to enjoy. At Video2DVD, we can provide you with a complete video to DVD transfer, perfected by our 60 years’ worth of experience in the industry. Contact us today for more information.